⚡ Awesome event of the year: Shoot More — Earn More Minigame 🚀

Another Universe
2 min readJan 17, 2022

There are 3 things in life that cannot be missed:
- The person I love the most
- Last ride home
- And Another Universe’s MINIGAME

What is Another Universe’s MINIGAME?
Shoot More Earn More is a minigame built by Another Universe. With simple gameplay, user-friendly interface and attractive rewards, it is considered as one of the minigames not to be missed this year.

When participating in the game, your mission is to shoot free falling meteorites to protect your planet. The more meteors we shoot, the more points you get. And the game ends when the meteor hits your planet.

How to play?
After successfully logging in, an pop-up will appear and you should read it to know more about this minigame.
Press the START button to start the game.
Your mission is to bombard the meteors to prevent them from falling into the star and get a score:
*Move the mouse to control the aim for the missile.
*Double click to shoot at the meteor that has the greatest risk of hitting your planet.
Notice: An account can only play 1 turn per day!

Why play?
*Top 10 players with the highest score will be received reward
*The bonus score is the number of points that person can shoot.
*Points can be exchanged for Another Universe Token

Hurry up!!! Opportunity to get Another Universe Token for free has never been so easy.
Play to earn, now or never https://minigame.milkywaygalaxy.io/

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