Another Universe’s big plans for the metaverse: ‘So much more than a game’

Another Universe
2 min readJan 13, 2022


Users MAXIMIZE their IDEAS beyond the limits of Earth.
Another Universe sells all the stars in outer space beyond Earth.
For just $1, you can buy a star. Various editor functions are provided so that you can build a city on your own star or design a star easily with special editing tools. Design and build your own unique city on the planet. Through each constructed building and facilities built for special purposes, you can engage in socio-cultural and economic activities.
However, it is completely different from the way the moon was sold in the past. Beyond possessing in an emotional simple sense, it is a metaverse that can have an endless star in a magnificent universe of a digitally replicated virtual space fused with reality.

Trend LEADER of SNS platform
In Another Universe, a user who owns a planet is more advantageous when working with other planet owners or in associations than when working alone to grow, expand and benefit from planets. Therefore, a structure of user’s community is inevitably formed. This is called space community.
If the existing SNS is the 3rd generation, Another Universe’s Space Community is a 4th generation community that utilizes cutting-edge technology, promising to be the next wave of social media.

Famous companies and franchise companies around the world will be able to build planets by using their business items as keywords, and effectively collaborate with numerous planets of Another Universe in various ways.
For example, companies like Apple, Samsung, Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, Louis Vuitton, and McDonald’s can purchase their planet names with non-replaceable NFT keywords, create various exhibition halls on the stars, and place special events and contents to share more intimate and realistic communication with numerous users who want to experience the brand.
Whenever a new product is released, visitors can visit anytime anywhere, experience the brand with advanced AR, VR, and XR technologies, and even purchase it right away. Also, users can directly participate in all kinds of fun events that can enhance the value of the brand.

Another Universe may feel like a game, but rather than a game, you can see that it has a same plan and structure as a second world that allows all mankind to lead socio-cultural and economic lives.

So are you ready to travel to the future with us?

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