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🔥 Dear Another Universe Lovers, This is an announcement from Another Universe. 👏

🤚 First of all, we sincerely appreciate the endless love and interest you continue to send even though it is not yet open.
🌸Thank you, and we would like to inform you about the opening schedule according to the development progress, which everyone is most curious about.

🧑‍🚀 Another universe is expected to open on 21/09/2022 and be able to show it to you.

🤚Currently, all in-game contents have been developed, but stability verification and final testing are in progress for a more pleasant play.

👨‍🚀 We would like to sincerely appreciate it if you consider it to be the last quenching process that can provide maximum enjoyment and satisfaction to all those who are looking forward to Another Universe.

🙌The future schedule of ANOTHER UNIVERSE is as follows.

👉 Another Universe’s Function now is available :
1. Buy, sell, Auction Star
2. Buy, sell, Action keyword
3. Redeem your pioneer card to get stars and keywords
4. View the star map
5. View detail Star, Planet
6. Show my star
7. Referral
8. Connect wallet, Exchange with Fullerene Token
9. Chatting
10. Profile settings

👉 Functions will be updated soon:
1. Buy and sell NFT Flag
2. Update more star map
3. 3D image
4. Buy with fullerene token
5. Pioneer takes profits from transactions
6. Event Bigbang
7. Connect AU Wallet
8. Planet decoration

👉 Advantages Of Another Universe App
1. Special Star, Planet
2. Unique Keywords
3. Turn keywords, planets, and stars into NFT
4. Earn money and unique offers for Pioneer.

👩‍🚀 We hope that today, with the announcement of the opening schedule and updating plan, you will be relieved of any questions and frustrations you may have had.

👏We ask for your unchanging love and interest until the day Another Universe opens.

🌸Thank you

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Another Universe

A Metaverse project ready to stun the world 🔥 Where you can live in your dream universe. Moreover, master your own life and lead the future economy — culture.⭐